Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Today's WOYWW post seems to be sponsored by pollen.  My hay fever is driving me nuts, I'd quite like to stick a bottle brush down my throat to ease the itching. 

So as you can see the desk is mayhem...

Here it is slightly less mayhemic.  (It should be a word!)  Cards to finish for a friend, strips to stick in to my art journal, two tombows on the go because I lost one and then found it as soon as I'd opened a new bottle, new butterfly ribbon to play with...

The new butterfly ribbon is super exciting for me as it is made with my photos.  I feel like a toddler leaving nursery clutching a messy painting in her sticky pudgy hand and beaming with glee and pride... it's a bit of a 'look, Mum, I made this!' moment.  No advertising on WOYWW but you can see where to get it from if you'd like some.

And finally the new washi storage we built.  Some space left for a few more rolls ;D

See you at your desk!


  1. Oh how I love all that washi tape!! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

  2. Ooh Laura, your washi looks like an art collection now!
    I love the printed ribbon - well done you for having the courage to go ahead and get it done - so what will you be using it for? Or is it still too precious to contemplate actual use just yet?!

    1. Ha! Well I stroked it for three weeks but yesterday I did actually cut it up!! 8)

  3. Hi,
    I'm just doing a quick visit round a few of my favourite Wednesday blogs now I've cleared a good amount off my to do list and am too tired to start any more special dress alterations. :-) I will start afresh in the morning :-)
    It's been pretty manic here too today and like you I am suffering with the very high pollen count :-( I love your clever are you :-)
    Annie x # 33

  4. Holy cow that's a lot of tape! And your butterfly tape is just fabulous! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #62

  5. Your butterfly ribbon is fabulous. I can see why you'd be excited to use it. Your desk looks pretty well organised to me.
    Have a lovely week
    Gillian #66

  6. Congrats on the ribbon.

    Washi storage is fab, but you definitely need more. As you got me addicted I have loads now and for some unknown reason I ordered 31 more reels and have another 10 still to arrive:)

    Hope your Hayfever eases off.

  7. Your ribbon is fabulous, trouble is if I had some I'd never ever use it, I'd love it so much!!
    You have such a great looking desk, the washi tape storage is an art form in it's own right!
    Hugs Lisax #38

  8. Commiserations on the hay fever front, my hubbie suffers terribly with it, he's had it since he was little, the Dr told his mum he would grow out of it wonder when that might be? he will be 63 this year!! Love "your" butterfly ribbon well done you! Your washi tape storage is great and also very pretty to look at win win.
    Have a great week. Lottie #80

  9. You poor thing Hay fever is awful. Love the way the tape is stored, easy to see and ready when you need it, great.
    Happy crafting, angela x #43

  10. Wow, I LOVE your butterfly ribbon! How amazing is that? I never even knew that such a thing existed but it's brilliant and actually the source of possible future prezzies too :-)
    And I laughed (sorry) at you having the two tombows open....the number of times I've done something similar....sigh !
    Thanks for dropping by,
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  11. I love your washi tape storage and look at all the different ones you have, I have never really been into the tape craze but I do like the stuff. And wow look at that ribbon, I would be super excited too, good for you.

    Belated WOYWW greetings
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  12. Love your ribbon, that is really cool. #82

  13. Fab ribbon! I had no idea such a thing existed! Love the washi storage too but I would always want the one in the middle... #30


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