Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Happy Wednesday Deskers!

My week has been  r e a l l y   s l o w.  The M.E. is being a right whatnot and today my legs have decided they don't want to work.  I'm bruised but not defeated, and have made it to my desk to take a photo.  That's an achievment in itself so I'm not worried that there is no actual crafting happening.

What is going on?  New ribbons, just released waiting to be made in to samples; notebook and notes - note that the note is not in the notebook... sigh; new batteries for my hay fever nose prong thing.

The new ribbons are wedding themed and are really rather nice.  I'll let the ideas form whilst lying down waiting for some energy!

Hope to see you at your desks...
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Sorry to hear your ME is so bad at the mo.....we have a young friend back on two crutches and at time needing her wheel chair with the same at the mo....wonder if it's the weather? Really hoping your energy levels pick up again very soon so you feel able to create.
    Thanks for popping over to mine earlier....really appreciate the effort it must take....and I just hope if I'm altering in my sleep that I'm getting slimmer ;-)
    Big healing hugs,
    Annie x

  2. (((Laura))) sending gentle hugs and positive healing thoughts. Hope the ME eases for you.

    The new ribbons look scrummy.

    Happy WOYWW Sue

  3. I love ribbons almost as much as I love buttons! x Jo

  4. Oh dear sounds like you need some new batteries too. Hopefully those gorgeous new ribbons will help.

  5. Hi won the blog hop card giveaway on my blog......could you email me with your postal address,please.


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