Monday, 28 July 2014

Giraffes, butterflies & some help please?

My enthusiasm for writing blog posts is missing today.  Rather than write 5 posts I'm going to mush all the layouts and questions in to one... maybe best to grab a cuppa!

First up, I need a little help (or perhaps more than a little!!).  I'm channelling Paige Evans a la (who?!  I read a post, I think a CKC'er, who did a post on Paige that inspired me.  For the life of me I cannot remember who, the blog name, I've been through my history and can't find it, argh!  If it was you please tell me so I can credit you!!  You inspire me!) and came up with this half layout.  The thing is I don't know which way round the photo goes.  I started off with the photo at the top, trying to be inspired by rather than copying.
Edit: It's Andrea from Hippie Art Studio who started me off on this

It just looks like triangles draining out of me whilst I sleep.  The other way looks like triangles funnelling in to me whilst I sleep.  What words should I use?  Which way round?  Should I make it negative or positive?  What I mean is... I have ME and quite often do feel like the energy is being drained out of me - but I like to keep positive and almost always scrap in happy colours and attitudes.  Would negative journalling work with the light, bright and CAS layout?  I need opinions on this or there is a danger it will go in a box and be ignored and never finished!!

I'm Not Sure

 For this cute layout I used up some stickers and transparencies from my kit.  I love these colours together.  Also added a length of 3mm grosgrain ribbon that has just joined my stash.  I have photographed it all so will (hopefully) be blogging about it soon...

A Denim Shorts Kind Of Day

I used a couple of stickers , the last bit of the heart patterned paper, flair and enamel dots from my kit on this layout.  (I may have added the dots actually...)  


These yellow strips were leftovers and happened to fill just over 12 inches.  I stitched them together to make a background sheet.  I took a meter length of satin ribbon and made a 12" ruffle to sit my photos on.  Even with a white mat the photos looked a little lost against the bright and vibrant yellows.  I mixed gesso with a little water and spritzed the paper and ribbon, concentrating the spray more at the base of the page giving an ombre feel.  I added a few enamel dots too - I think I am in love with enamel dots.  I may be a little behind in catching this trend but hey!

My Swanky New Lens

This layout uses the one strip of yellow that was left from the layout above, and two more chunks of patterned paper.  I had tried to use the acetate butterflies on almost every layout but the didn't make the final cut... they finally made it on to this one :)

So there is a round up of the last few CKC layouts.  I hope to assess what's left and do a final post but it may not get done... it's like that here at the moment!

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks in advance for the advice on the unfinished layout, and sorry Andrea for forgetting who you were!!



  1. Loving the LOs. I really like the colours you use.

    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Cool layouts just love the bird layout but they all look fantastic :)

  3. What a lovely lot of layouts. Enamel dots ARE great! I really like the monochromatic vibe you've got going on in the bird layout. Nice job!

  4. Well aren't you crazy productive - these really showcase your versatility with paper and glue! On the first layout, I prefer the photo at the bottom, because the photo is so much darker than your confetti that it seems the weight should be at the bottom of the page. There is a design principle to that effect - but of course you can break the rule on purpose to reinforce the story you want to tell. So once you decide on the journaling and/or you want to add, then you can choose which version, and give consideration to where you put the title so that it might balance the page. I'm afraid I'm no help on how you decide which way to scrap the story - I usually go with my first instinct on seeing the picture.


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