Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Snug As A Bug!

This is my take on challenge 2 for July's Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  We were to use more than three techniques.  I'm never entirely sure what counts as a technique.  Let me run you through what I've done and you can tell me how many are actual techniques and how many I've made up!!

Paint splattering.  I didn't have any matching ink so I let down a little bit of acrylic - it worked just as well.

Sticker outlines.  I cut out the over-run of the stickers and use them as extras.  Makes a sheet of stickers go twice as far :)  Is stash-stretching a technique?

Using 3d glue gel.  I love to use this on butterflies to keep them 3d even when you squash them in to wallets.

Colour changing a PL card.  This cute card with the banner had red dots to begin with.  It jarred with the photo so I painted over each red dot with the acrylic paint I used to splatter the background.

Matting.  Is this a technique?!

Of course I added ribbon too, in the pennant shape that kept popping up in the kit.

Did you count three amongst them?  I'm not convinced!!  :)

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  1. Really lovely LO.

    Hope you are managing to stay cool.

  2. Love the idea of the paint splattering works really well. The stripy butterfly is very cute!

  3. I think you did a fine job on the challenge :) The LO looks fantastic

  4. How sweet - congrats on fulfilling the challenge with such a satisfying result.

  5. Sweet layout and you did great on the challenge.
    Cindy F

  6. I got to five techniques before I lost count so I reckon more than fulfilled the challenge - ha ah! what a lovely layout. clever trick to use the paint on the polka dots to make it match.


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