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There is a contest running at Counterfeit Kit Challenge... Here are the details:

1.  Create a Counterfeit PAGE Kit of your own, based on a current kit (could be a kit club, digital kit or paper collection)
2.  Make up a challenge and create a project based on that challenge.
3.  Share both the inspiration kit & your kit, your challenge, and your project on your blog. E-mail us the link to

I found this Bellaboo kit

Spring Jubilee May Kit

 I see butterflies, birds, white letters, soft pretty ribbons and bunting.

This is the kit I have pulled... I've swapped the dominant colour from pink to the citrus shades.  4 sheets of 6x6 (Maggie Holmes and Prima Free Spirit), brads, paper clip, eyelets, white 12x12, lace and ribbon from Crafty Ribbons, glitzy white alphas (which I've just discovered didn't make it in to any of the photos).

My challenge is to use eyelets.  I have a few packs.  I never use them.  I've even put them in to kits I've made and still not used them!  This time will be different...

Here are some details...

And here is the layout;

What do you think?  How do you use your eyelets?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fab LO. I love the colour change and those little bird brads are so cute.

    Hope you've had a good start to the week.

  2. You have done a wonderful job on this. Eyelets are a challenge in themselves.I love those bird brads too.

  3. Oh Laura I so chuckled when read this post. Prob supposed to be commenting on another one...but when read it had to comment
    I've eyelets and a punch and never used them.... going to have to make it project too. Thanks for your inspiration. ...lovely colours. Shaz in Oz x

  4. absolutely beautiful kit and colours. Loving your cahllenge and layout too. wow.

  5. Lovely kit and layout! I love the bits across the bottom of the page!

  6. Great looking kit and fab page - love the eyelets along the bottom! Good luck with the competition x

  7. Well done on a lovely page kit and a great challenge. It made me smile that you chose a Bellaboo kit! I used to be on the DT back in the early days 2007-2009 when my sister was the first owner! Small world. Great use of those pesky eyelets. I have to admit that I threw all mine out rather than find a way to use them.

  8. You chose some lovely papers & pretty ribbons & brads.
    Thanks for your entry!

  9. I like that you made the kit your own with a color twist. Great job on the eyelets - your page is wonderful.

  10. Super pretty kit and a great layout too - maybe I should join in your challenge with the many 100s of eyelets I have! Good luck!

  11. Love pretty and subtle.

  12. Congrats to you :) Lovely kit and I just love the eyelets being used for a border so fun :) I'll be joining in with the challenge I have lots of eyelets

  13. Beautiful layout. Love how you added the eyelets. Congrats!
    Cindy f.

  14. Pretty kit and very clever way to use the eyelets! I seldom use eyelets, I always seem to use them in "dated" ways. Your technique is very current. Love it!


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