Saturday, 9 August 2014

No Words

I've been struggling with my art journalling.  Surely if I call it journalling there has to be words?  I don't have any words.  So maybe I'm just art-ing in a book?

The process... smooshing the page across left over ink, splattering on more ink, cleaning the stencil on the page, colouring up some texture paste and passing it through the stencil.  Scribbling with art bars and washing them in to add more colour.  Stencilling white paint through the same stencil.

I did then write something along the lines of 'feeling pressure to add words... I guess I gave in' near the spine on the right hand page.  I sprayed with water to make it run a little bit and it ended up almost washing it away completely.  I thought this was quite funny :)  I won in the end!

Some close ups...

I am pleased with the texture I'm getting.  My problems lies with word demons and, if I don't use words, how do I know when it is finished??!

All advice gratefully received!  Linking up at Balzer Designs.


  1. What about a word beginning with 'A', then B, then C, then.......think you get the idea. You can do one word on each page or randomly put the words up?

    Hope you are having a fun weekend.

  2. So why do you need words? you have beautiful pages as they are, you do not need words, let the page tell it's all. You really do have an outstanding piece of art just the way it is........

    Hugs Eliza

    1. That means a lot to me Eliza - thank you!


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