Sunday, 10 August 2014


In my stash I have a whole bundle of silk embroidery pieces.  They were given away with cigarettes - in NO way do I endorse smoking, in fact I've probably offended a few smokers in the past with my attitude towards cigarettes.  Just don't smoke folks! - back in the 1930's.  I have been hesitant to use them, they are really special and really old, and I want to stick them to paper?  But when the pansy ribbon was released I knew I needed to pull out a pansy silk and scrap them together.

I added some pansy ribbon to a selection of tags and rectangles of card...

And used kraft for my backing card.  The photo is of Old Georgie Boy, matted on a pile of old envelopes and tags.

We found George sitting on the garden table munching pansies.  Because obviously the humans put flowers up out of a rabbits reach to exercise their minds, so they work out the puzzle of how to reach them to eat them.  By the way the solution to the puzzle was hop up on to the wooden bench, move along bench, turn around and jump carefully up on to the pansies/table, put innocent look on face just in case caught.

This was also the rabbit that ate 70% of my strawberry plant.  I do miss him but I guess the garden is safer now!

I hope you like the layout :)


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