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Shiney Things

Here is the first completed layout using my Things That Shine kit.  I have a couple of others on the go but they need titles and words still...

That is one kit!  I'll easily get 4 -5 complete layouts and then another 2-3 half layouts...

 I was unsure about the leaves but when I coloured the stems gold instead of white I found them less of a struggle to work with.

I love the seam binding and the way it soaked up the mist I threw at it!

I've just noticed that the main reason I bought the kit - the squirrel buttons and the acorn charms - still sit unused.  I seem to have slipped back in to the 'if I use it I won't have it left to use in the future' rut.  Note to self: Oi!  You don't play like that any more!!

It may be a while before I finish the other Things That Shine layouts as I need to start work on my Counterfeit Kit duties for October, but they'll show up sometime.  I've loved working with this kit.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. WOW! I am loving the kit and your LO is fab. Is that you? Nice to put a face to the name.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

  2. Laura, this is a beautiful layout! Great idea painting the stems on the leaves gold... I personally always have to paint any leaf that has a green stem! Those ones drive me crazy!


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