Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Wrapping it up...

Can I share a whole bunch of wrapping ideas with you? 

These are what I gave last year...

Bundle two presents to the same person together with cord and add a candy cane to the knot.

Pair simple gold tissue with ribbon with festive designs on them - I went with owls for my Mum.

For a bottle tie a couple of ribbons around the neck of the bottle adding bells to the end of the ribbon for more festive fun!

For a jar again I added bells but on a wide metallic ribbon.

Here I matched the pattern on the paper to the motif on the ribbon.  This is especially apt as the ribbon says 'Have a yummy Christmas' and the present is chocolate.

There is of course, the standard ribbon round and a bow - it never fails!

Even a gift card in an envelope can be jazzed up with ribbon and a candy cane tucked in to the knot.

Or how about going over board on tiny presents such as jewellery boxes.  Use a nice wide ribbon and tie a bow bigger than the box!


  1. I love the various wrapping ideas. It's a fame we can't get Candy Canes all year round:)

    Really like the Purple wrapping and ribbons.

    Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. Sue

  2. I'm having a browse through your lovely blog Laura.

    Your gifts look very luxurious with their pretty wrapping. I used to enjoy wrapping, but now it's a bit of a chore - but I think that might be because I USED to do twiddly bits and don't anymore!? Perhaps I should get the curling ribbon out! ?xxx


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