Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday Smiles

Linking this up at Annie's Fridays Smiles...

Because my daffodils and my sewing machine and my bunny ribbon have made me smile this week!


  1. Oh Laura I just love the first daffs....Spring is on it's way wahoooooooo :-) I love your bunny ribbon and my sewing machines always make me smile so your post today is full of smiles for me. :-)
    Annie x
    ps Yes I can see your link :-)

  2. Hi Laura, what a lovely composition. Those daffodils would cheer anyone up, the bunny ribbon is gorgeous and I can well understand that your sewing machine makes you happy ... mine makes me happy too :) Elizabeth xx

  3. Daffs always make me think of Spring. A friend bought me a little pot with some of the mini ones. They are on my kitchen window sill and flower buds are forming.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  4. Hi Laura.....I think I commented to some that fuchsias were my fav flowers, but I'm just realizing, daffodils definitely make me smile and I love them I'd better just say I love all flowers.These are beautiful, they need to more a little though so you can get to using your sewing machine. Have a great weekend, Robyn

  5. Three good reasons though the machine doesn´t do it for me! I can smell the daffodils from here. Beautiful. Kate x

  6. Fabulous reasons to make you smile, I agree! Lovely daffodils by the way.


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