Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday Smiles

This furry chap is Onxby VI.  You may have seen yesterdays layout about the Onxby dynasty?  My Grandfather had a bear with a growler.  They called him Honky as that was the noise he made.  As Gramps learnt to talk he pronounced it Onxby - it stuck.  My Mum has an Onxby, as did my uncle.  I have one, as does one of my cousins.  My Gramps is no longer with us but I have a letter from him saying to ensure each generation has at least one Onxby.  It is my nephews first birthday next week, and Onxby VI will be moving in with him.  He was eager to be wrapped up as you can see top corner!  I've embroidered his foot and told the story.  I think Gramps would be happy that the fourth generation now has an Onxby.

Linking up for my weekly dose of Friday Smiles and at Planet Penny (who supplies the cotton yarn for the blanket we used for the photo shoot!)


  1. That is such a lovely idea Laura. I'm sure there will be Onxbys for years to come and there will be one very happy old man smiling down on you for keeping the tradition going.
    Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Annie x

  2. what a wonderful idea to carry on through the generations Laura. I love Teddy bears
    Gill x

  3. What a lovely present for your nephew. It's so nice to think he will pass it down to his kids and so on.

    Hope you are having a fab Friday. Sue

  4. What an adorable and clever story, Laura. Nice that the latest generation is getting in on the movement, too. An adorable Friday Smile.

  5. What a lovely story! The blanket looks fab. Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday! Penny x (Planet Penny )

  6. Hello! Thank you for popping by my blog; it's so lovely to 'meet' you. I think that is one fantastic family tradition; your Grandfather would be so pleased and lucky, lucky nephew - Onxby VI is gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend. x

  7. What a sweet story and lovely tradition. A toy like a bear can be so comforting for a child.

  8. What a fantastic legacy!!! I can imagine onxby reunions and teddy bear picnics! Xx

  9. This is such a lovely tradition to pass on. And to keep the story going about this beloved bear's name. I'm sure he will be treasured for a long time.

  10. Oh Laura what a great thing to do.. bring a smile to anyone's face :D
    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy belated Friday Smiles!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – my personal blog}

  11. Awwww. Bless lickle Onxby. What a wonderful story and I do hope you scrapbook his story.
    I hope he isn't in the packaging too long and you have left a little airhole for him?

  12. OW Laura that is a wonderful 'bear' story, I love bears and have a small collection....can't wait till Sophie is old enough to play teddy bear picnics with nanna and friends. I hope your gramps wish lives for ever and ever. Cheers Robyn..lvoe the name Onxby

  13. Love the bear and love the story! I also love family traditions. I didn´t know you could still get ´growlers`. It´s good that the next generation is getting one. I hope he keeps the tradition going. Kate x

  14. This has to be the best tradition I have heard of in years, how wonderful to continue this Onxby Bear for your Gramps he will be looking down and smiling at you. Such a beautiful story.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda


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