Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happy Day

I've been playing with some kits from Things That Shine.  The netting, the tissue ruffle, the silver stickers and the shipping tag - they just make me want to create pretty things!

And sequins.  Sequins are my new favourite thing!  If I could find some neon sequins I think I may explode with happy!!

The colour scheme helps with the pretty, pretty feel.

I lifted this title straight from the kit and used it as my page title - never waste a thing!

Thanks for stopping by today


  1. Laura, So pretty. At first glance I thought the tissue ruffle was a garter like the bride wears:)

    In answer to your question on my blog: Laura, Thank you, I think so but I am probably biased:)

    I know how much to feed her as I know her racing weight. Once retired they say to keep them around 2kg above their racing weight. You definitely don't feed them lots, as they are very prone to bloat, which can kill.


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