Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Butterflies and Ribbon

Here is a quick card I have made using my butterfly ribbon from Crafty Ribbons.

It is just about as simple as it gets... card blank, small piece of patterned paper, length of ribbon, red backed super sticky tape.

I'd like to enter this in Mrs A's Butterfly Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! That's ribbon! I'm speechless. Love it ( I have to have some). Super concept. Welcome to my butterfly challenge. Thankyou for fluttering by my 1st anniversary challenge. Hope you will come again soon. Off to find some of that ribbon. hugs Mrs A.

  2. Beautiful card - the butterfly ribbon is fabulous and makes your card very different. Elizabeth xx

  3. Well that's one happy bunny decidedly poorer but can't wait for all these gorgeous ribbons to arrive!! Hugs Mrs A.

  4. OMG those beautiful photos are printed on ribbon? I'm going to have to check that out, I feel a shopping spree coming on! It's all come together to make a really striking, impactful card
    Jane - Butterfly Challenge guest designer

  5. The ribbon is gorgeous! Makes a beautiful card. xx

  6. A fabulous card and I love the butterfly ribbon!
    Kath x


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