Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Send A Little Love

I took part in a Valentines Day swap this year.  I enjoyed the Christmas swaps so much that I made a promise to seek out at least two other swaps throughout the year.  I stumbled across Tracey and her blog Mad About Bags.

I was paired with the lovely Sarah and this is what she sent me:

I marvel when I open things that are so me - rainbows, butterflies, birds, orchids, buttons and ribbon.  I love everything.  There was chocolate too.  It didn't make it in to this photo.  It's not that I have eaten it all, I promise, but it is in my snack pile and I forgot about it when I was taking photos!

But here, to prove it, is the photo I posted on Instagram with the hashtag 'internet friends are the best!'

And isn't this just the neatest blanket stitch in the world?!

This is some of what I sent to Sarah...

A little note.

Lollipops for her two sons superheroes.

A mini canvas.  There was more but I seem to have been so excited that I forgot to photograph it!!

And, as Sarah sews and quilts, I wrapped all of the gifts in fabric.

I encourage you to seek out a swap...
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  1. Beautiful items sent and received! It's such a lovely concept isn't it, especially to share the love. xo


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