Friday, 27 March 2015

Easter Wreath

I find Easter a hard occasion to craft for.  To me Easter is a religious time, not a commercialised chocolate and bunny festival.  I've tried hard to top my Easter Garden project but time and energy got in my way this year.  (Still I have a few ideas tucked away for next year!!)  I have managed an Easter wreath.  Yes, it is bunnies and most things that I don't like about commercialised Easter but as a cute decoration I do like it... maybe I should drop the Easter connection and just call it a decorative wreath?!

I started off with a polystyrene blank, ribbons, flowers, butterflies and gems.

As I wound the ribbon round the polystyrene I secure it with small pins.  I made a hanging loop and used a few pins to secure it to the covered wreath.  It is not at all heavy so it doesn't need glue or extra fastenings.

I've used the rabbit animal silhouette ribbons in Baby Maize and Lime Juice and some sheer dot organza in Apple  - all of which are exclusive to Crafty Ribbons!

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