Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday Smiles

This makes me happy!

Sharing at Annie's


  1. Hi Laura, your photo has be smiling to...brushes, ink, paint, water oh yes....have a great crafty weekend. Robyn

  2. Whatever makes you happy .... is always good for a smile. I love a painting session too thought it is not my forte. I am safer with stamps and inks! You link on Annie´s blog goes to the wrong page, but I loved your pretty green Easter cards too. Happy Easter. Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate. I hadn't noticed the wrong link x

  3. Hehehe All I can says is I feel like I've now had two smiles from you this week cos I loved your cards too :-) I call my paintbrushes my messy play and I haven't really managed any messy play since we moved.....but you just wait til I have my new creative space :-)
    Annie x


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