Sunday, 12 April 2015

Poppy Red

Back in 2006 I saw a painting I liked.  It wasn't for sale so I decided to replicate it.  The first attempt was too pink for me so I have tried again...

I cheated a used the outline from the first painting and flipped it, for my starting point.  I used watercolour pencils to map it all out and then filled in with India ink.  Details were added using a combination of the two mediums.  The canvas is about 60cm x 75cm.

Linking up to A Sprinkle Of Imagination where I bought my India inks and Inktense pencils.


  1. I really love your poppy. They are some of my fav flowers :-)
    Annie x

  2. WOW Laura!! This is absolutely stunning! Love, love, love it! I do also think the pink one is beautiful as well :)


    Di xx

  3. That's 99% perfect. To be 100% perfect it would have to be purple:) LOL

    Do you take orders?

    Hope you are enjoying your day. Sue

    1. I'll try and do a small one in purple - the purple inks are gorgeous shades x


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