Saturday, 11 April 2015


I saw a lovely sketch, one that I couldn't ignore.  I pretty much copied it exactly - there was not much interpretation on my part, just direct lifting.  That is how much I liked the sketch!

 I had saved some printed cellophane that a bunch of flowers came in.  I knew I could use on a layout.  I have a little fascination with ruffles at the moment.  Not really pretty girly ruffles but ruffles with a bit of edge.  I cut a strip of the cellophane and used my sewing machine to sew down the middle.  Then I pulled one of the threads to create the ruffle.  It wasn't completely successful as the cellophane started to perforate along the line of stitches, but it held together enough to use.  I stuck it down with super sticky red back tape so it is not going anywhere now!!

The sketch is by Ashley Horton...

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Lovely LO.

    Sami was a handsome lad. I had a Budgie that looked just like him. Mine was Freddie. He would chatter away and say 'Freddie good boy, pretty pretty'. My favourite was 'Stupid bird':)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue


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