Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday Smiles

I was fascinated by these gorgeous purple flowers.  The stigma (I think!) was almost furry - velvet like - and the yellow pollen against the purple petals was stunning!

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  1. Purple velvet - gorgeous. A neighbour had some deep purple petunias that looked almost like black velvet. x

  2. Wow Laura what a stunning purple that flower is. I'm so thrilled that Friday smiles is a highlight of your week. It really does do us all good to focus on the good/happy moments in the week doesn't it? I really hope your health improves and your happy moments are many.
    Annie x

  3. What an amazing flower it is and my fave colour too, did you grow it and is it indoor or outdoor?
    Have a good w/end
    Jo x

    1. It was part of a bouquet I was given for my birthday. I wish I could grow things like that!! x

  4. OH wow beautiful deep purple flowers Laura, just gorgeous. Happy weekend 'cause I'm late for Friday. Cheers Robyn

  5. Lovely purple flower.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue


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