Tuesday, 14 July 2015


As part of the Crafty Ribbons Design Team we are asked to make samples using ribbon that are displayed on the exhibition stand.  Ali and Tony do some shows in France each year and I came up with the idea of making a French flag.  This will be used on the stand for the next shows in November.

I've done a little research on today's project before sharing on the Crafty Ribbons Inspiration blog - let me share it with you...
In France on the 14th July they celebrate their National Day - La Fête nationale or Le quatorze juillet - the English speaking world (wrongly) call it Bastille Day.
Very thankful I looked that up before posting as I'd hate to offend!
In honour of '14th Juillet' I've made the Tricolore out of ribbon!

Tutorials are something I always think about after the event unfortunately, so I'll just talk you through the how-to's...

1.  First off get your measurements.  Flags tend to have a ratio - the tricolore is 2:3 - the Union Jack is 3:5.  When I had figured how large I was going I cut a piece of wide grosgrain twice the length plus a little bit for turning in.  This is what I attached the ribbons too and will be doubled over.

2.  I marked the sections of blue, white, red, fold, red, white and blue on to the wide grosgrain.

3.  Next pin strips of ribbon in the appropriate colour to the wide grosgrain until you get the desired effect.  This flag is quite a 'full' flag.  The next one I make I will try slightly less full, with fewer ribbon drops.  When I came to pieces that were not long enough I stitched a few together to make them a usable length.

4.  Using a sewing machine whizz a few lines of stitches to secure the drops in place.

5.  Fold the wide grosgrain on the fold point you marked earlier - right in the middle of the red sections.  Pin the wide grosgrain, and tuck the raw edges under, then sew along the top and the bottom edges.  This leaves you with a channel for a piece of dowelling to hang your flag on.  Alternatively you could add a couple of ties, made from ribbon of course, to tie your flag to whatever you are displaying it on.

I didn't have the best day for photographing and I'm sharing the out takes too.  It sure moves prettily in the wind!!

Of course all the ribbon is from Crafty Ribbons and available on their website.  Crafty Ribbons will also be at Craft Fairs in Scotland and England towards the end of this year, so I am working on a couple more flags too!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a fab idea. I like the photos where the wind is moving the ribbons, just like a real flag would move.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue

  2. Unusual and fabulous project - bet it'll look great on the stand. Thank you for joining us at Make My Monday. Marina DT


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