Saturday, 15 August 2015


Recently I found Ursula Markgraf who runs a swap for handmade postcards.  I signed up and set to work... 

I was very unhappy with the darker purple poppy (the stem is in the wrong place and the flower feels unbalanced) so I tried again on the paler poppy.  I'm still unsure about it and will keep trying until I master it (I have someone in mind you see, and she rather likes purple and poppies!) but here are the three I sent off in a bit more detail...

This is the first time I used watercolour markers.  I had intended the whole work to be watercolour markers but I ended up adding regular watercolour paint, acrylic paint, India ink and coloured pencil.  I learnt I need to practice with the watercolour markers!!

This one is mainly watercolour markers.  Instead of using them direct to the paper though I scribbled them on to my glass cutting mat and picked up the colour with a water brush.  I had to work really hard to get the paint to bloom on the leaf.  I expect most painters would like a medium that doesn't bloom easily but I love the effect of the bloom...

And this one started with watercolour markers but ended up being mainly India ink and pen doodles.  I had fun with this one and kept adding a little more white pen... and a little more black pen... and just a few more splatters!  I love how this one turned out - even if it didn't hep me get to know my watercolour markers!!

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  1. Laura, These are so pretty.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  2. Thanks Laura, I was the lucky recipient of your flowers in the field postcard. I love all the detail in it; it's gorgeous!
    Cheers, Lisa x

  3. Hi Laura - I received the beautiful orange flowers, india ink and black and white pens with the splatter postcard. I keep it in my kitchen and look at it every morning when I have breakfast ♥ I also love how the one flower is partially off the postcard, something I need to remember to do in my art. Thank you for your beautiful work of art and the ssentiment you wrote.
    Kristen from California, USA


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