Friday, 18 September 2015

Do More In October

I've just discovered Fab at Snail Mail Love via Ashley.  Fab is running an initiative called Do More In October and I've decided that I'm going to play along.  It isn't a blog-every-day-list, it's pared back to three times a week...

Oct 1st - Meet the blogger (A few or a lot of things about you)
Oct 3rd - Your inspiration (fave blogs + IG accounts.. etc)
Oct 5th - Something you love at the moment
Oct 8th - Favourite books
Oct 10th - Your playlist of the month
Oct 12th - One of your favourite quotes (illustrate, make a poster.. etc)
Oct 15th - Your winter bucket list
Oct 17th - Your wishlist
Oct 19th - Teach us something! (A tutorial, a DIY, a recipe.. etc)
Oct 22nd - A day in the life (Share a day in your life through pictures, drawings.. etc)
Oct 24th - Desk tour (A bit of workspace porn never hurt nobody!)
Oct 26th - Something you collect
Oct 29th - Your pets
Oct 31st - Free day, write/share about anything you want!

Not only does it look fun, it looks managable too. 
Will you join us?

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  1. Looks interesting Laura.

    Hope you are having a fab Friday. Sue


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