Thursday, 22 October 2015

DMIO: A Day In My Life

This is the hardest post of the DMIO series for me.  I've considered not doing it but I don't want to quit.  My life is hard sometimes, but I like to keep remembering that compared to so many others it is perfectly fine and liveable.

I sleep for 12 hours a night, and perhaps 2-4 hours in the afternoon.

I have very limited energy levels - I don't shower, I don't dress myself, I don't make my meals, I spend 95% of my waking time sitting still.  (I have the best carer!  She is a star.)

I craft for sanity, taking regular breaks.  I love this about crafting - most crafts can be done even two minutes worth at a time.  Also I don't have to think much about crafting, it comes naturally to me.  Reading, writing, typing take a lot more energy, concentration and focus so on bad days I stay away from these.

But I have a roof over my head.  I have wonderful family.  I have the ability to craft a little on most days.  Yes, I have pain, but the over all picture could be a lot worse, and I feel blessed to have what I have.

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