Thursday, 1 October 2015

DMIO: Meet The Blogger

This is a Do More In October post... more details on Fab's blog.

Laura, 30, severe M.E. sufferer,
Aunty, big cousin, daughter,

artist, crafter, scrapbooker,
Liverpool FC fan, tennis fan, chocolate fan,

messy, tired, list maker.

This Do More In October post is a series run by Fab.  You can see all my posts by clicking 'Do More In October' but for lots of other bloggers head over to Fab's blog for the link-up.


  1. Good luck with your DMIO - I'm off to check out the details.

  2. Laura, Hope you are able to do more in October. Sue

  3. Can't wait to see more of your Do More in October posts!

  4. Nice to meet you Laura, thanks for joining DMIO, I hope it will be a fun challenge for you! I love how you made a list of adjectives, it's very simple but still says a lot about yourself :) Can't wait to know more!
    Fab x


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