Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Happy Birthday

I made this card for a commission.  I had a good old play on the background!  Watercolours, Shimmerz, alcohol hand gel, and Inktense.  If you drop alcohol on to wet watercolour you can get really cool effects.  I don't have any of that type of alcohol so I experimented with hand gel.  It does work but you need the watercolour to be wet and juicy to get the best effect.  This is subtle but it works as a background.

The sequins are from Pretty Pink Posh, and are strung on some cotton.  Like For Ever are the only UK stockist of Pretty Pink Posh products, so I get my sequins there - saves on postage from the US.

For the sentiment I used my Dymo.  I always start of enthusiastic, I love the effect and you can get all sorts of coloured tapes.  After about 10 clicks and twists my wrists start complaining I remember why I don't use the Dymo that often!

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  1. Love it Laura. the sequins really bring it to life.

    Hope you've had a good day. Sue


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