Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tains + Nunnels

We are all struggling with a cold/bug here so life is really slow.  Here is a layout made with my Like For Ever kit - Hello Beautiful.  I made it two weeks ago and have not managed to get it blogged yet!

Of course it features Nephy Dude, who is so very excitable when it comes to trains.  Or tains as he calls them.  I never want to forget the cute pronunciation!

I picked through the kit putting the pink to one side and focusing on the black and white patterns.

A little flicking of gold paint - it is very satisfying flicking a long haired brush and covering everything in paint.

Thanks for stopping by...  I hope to get some of my draft posts published whilst I'm feeling ill.  I'm missing sitting at my desk but when I feel like this there is no point in pushing my body.  So it may stay a little quiet for a week or so, but I am still around!


  1. Oh now this is an adorable page Laura! Love the cute pic, the title in one of the fussy cut frames and all the little tucked away details. Hope you feel better soon. xx


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