Monday, 28 December 2015

Stocking Swaps

I took part in two Stocking Swaps this Christmas.  Here I'll talk you through what I received...

The first swap I signed up for was a handmade swap with Cheryll.  My swap partner was Pam, a master needlewoman - excitement and pressure... I knew I'd be receiving some great goodies but I had to send her a stocking that I had sewn!  Sewing is something I enjoy, something I wish I had more time and energy to spend on, and something I am not very good at.  I think when you enjoy doing something it doesn't matter that you aren't amazing at it, it's just fun as it is.

Here are my goodies...

All beautifully sewn and so perfect!  Definitely things I will be pulling out every year.

The little pencil case may well end up holding supplies from the next stocking!

The second swap was organised by Gemma with some of my fellow 'like for ever' subscribers.  By this point I had already had one sleep and opened a few presents and was suffering. 

It was not a good day health wise - it hasn't been great for a while but I am trying to be positive about things.  Painkillers taken and hand supports on,  Mum helped me out unwrapping most of these goodies.  Her verdict was, "well, she knows you so well!"  Everything was spot on for my crafting loves...

Greens, hearts, stars, washi, ribbons, proper chocolate - all the things I love!

My best bits, apart from my favourite chocolate, are the gelatos and the handmade canvas.  I'm not sure why I have held back for so long on the gelatos - I love them!  And the canvas - well as soon as Christmas is back in the loft it will take pride of place on my shelf.

I can only hope my recipients are as pleased as I am!


  1. Loads of fab pressies. I love the canvas.

    Sending you positive healing thoughts and hugs (((Laura))). Sue

  2. Such fun stockings and both so different. I love that canvas. I've never tried gelatos either.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better :(


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