Thursday, 3 March 2016

A-Z - L is for Lark

L is for lark.  This one is a shorelark.  He was painted with spectrum aqua pens, Derwent art bars and coloursoft pencils.

Not completely sold on his beak, but the more I worked the worse it looked to me so I called it a day... it may look better tomorrow!

I'm hoping to have a hop around and look at everyone else's entries soon!

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  1. Hi Laura, Years ago whilst birding with dad on a beach we saw some of these.

    Hope you have had a good day. Sue

    1. So jealous! They look such handsome creatures

  2. Wow, really impressive drawing! Your drawing and whole page looks great with the dictionary text showing faintly.

  3. Oh a gorgeous painting there - love it!

  4. I thought while I was here visiting for Friday Smiles, I would take this opportunity to see your latest Craft Barn entry. Of course, my computer froze up and I had to reboot before I could return. I am SO impressed with your drawing and the way you covered the page with the lark. It's a beautiful bird and you can be proud of it, too.

  5. Another great drawing - what a colourful chap!

  6. Brilliant drawing for a great dictionary page!

  7. Great drawing for the challenge. I do like them when they are on the actual dictionary page.

  8. A great self-drawn piece of art. When I first saw the thumbnail on the CB blog I thought it was an angry bee. It looks fab on the main page.

  9. Wow, beautiful page, love your drawing and colouring!! Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge!
    Jane x

  10. Fabulous drawing and a great page.


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