Sunday, 20 March 2016

R is for (unfinished) Raspberry

Well, it is Sunday which means it is new letter day for the Craft Barn's A-Z challenge. I have not been well and have been unable to finish my last letter. I got as far as a first layer, but then this blooming cough kicked in! Here is the first layer and I endeavour to finish it for my next A-Z post...

Also, I'm pretty sure all my pre planned and scheduled posts have come to an end so if it is quiet on here it means it is still noisy in real life! Glad you can't catch my germs via my blog - stay healthy lovely visitors!


  1. You made a good start on the raspberry, one of my favourite fruit, I hope to see it bursting with colour soon, and you with health!

  2. I'm sorry to read you are ill. I look forward to seeing your completed raspberries as soon as you are better. But for now, just get well so you can be among us safely again!

  3. I LOVE where this is headed! Seeing the dictionary page still is right up my altered dictionary ally. I'm so glad you plan to show us the finished pages. And I do hope you are back to well very soon. Isn't it marvelous that we can still visit in blogland even when we are highly contagious.

  4. Hi Laura, Hope you are soon much better.

    Sending positive healing thoughts and hugs (((Laura))). Sue

  5. Hope you are feeling better, a good first layer though!! Thank you for entering The Craft Barn's Challenge.
    Jane x

  6. A great start to your altered page. I hope you soon feel better so that you can complete it and we can see the finished article.


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