Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Cactuses... they are everywhere at the moment.  I don't get it!  (And flamingoes too, why?!)  The latest scrapbook kit from like for ever had a few in and rather than putting them straight in the donate pile I vowed to use them...

I'm no going to lie, I pulled everything catus-y and put it on one layout!  The background is a page from a colouring book. 

The title is written with a water brush and then sprinkled with Brusho.  I can see myself doing a lot more of this type of thing now I have a few more Brusho colours.

Piling up those cacti ephemera!!  There is even a pineapple cut in to three and spread around the page disguised as cactus!

I kept the glueing to the middle of the paper so the edges lift up and leave shadows.

And I popped my photos up to make them stand out a bit more.

So, big tick!  I used all the cactuseses - I really should have looked up in the dictionary how to refer to them before I started writing this!

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  1. Hi Laura, Fab LO. I agree, cacti and flamingos seem to be the 'in' thing, just like owls were last year.

    Hope you've had a good day. Sue

  2. Hi Laura, you really rocked the cacti by not using them randomly! Colored the page beautifully too. I'm saving this in the hope that I find all the cactus photos taken in the southwest(USA). Just had to find all the pieces of pineapple too. And thanks for introducing me to the jigsaw puzzle online site, now I'm addicted...

    1. Hmm, the jigsaw site should come with a warning - very addictive :D

  3. Beautiful layout!! So inspired. Mine are still sitting in the kit lol

  4. What a great layout and such a fab idea to use a colouring page for the background!


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