Thursday, 12 May 2016

A to Z - J is for Jonquil

So, I was a bit grumpy about this!  I had a double page spread in my dictionary free.  On one side was Jack Snipe and the other Kingfisher.  There were two suitable words that fitted with my self imposed nature theme - Jay and Jonquil.  BUT the Craft Barn requested that the J page include a dragonfly... well, that didn't fit at all. 

I wrestled for a while and came up with a dragonfly on a jonquil leaf even though this would never happen as they are not around at the same time...

And it turned out OK, I think.  I used my Inktense and Coloursoft from Derwent.

I was happy with this chap.  I was reminded by research just how awesome the colours in dragonflies and damselflies are.

And then the jonquil.  I'm less happy with this part, but after about 14 layers I realised it was the best it was going to be.  I've always struggled with daffs - I need to work in another sketching session!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely pages, I love jonquils, we always had those at home when I was little.

  2. Great colourful pages. Love how you solved the problem. I'm impressed with your drawing skills!

  3. Laura, if I could draw even 1/1000th as well as you, I would be over the moon with happiness. Your daff is gorgeous and you are DAFF if you think it isn't. I like how you incorporate the pesky dragonfly, too. It's a genuine beauty!

  4. Hi Laura, Loving the Dragonfly. Think you have to say it's artistic licence:)

    Hope you've had a good day. Sue

  5. Hi Laura, Thought I had left a comment....oh well.

    I love the Dragonfly.

    hope you've had a good day. Sue

  6. I think both the flower and dragonfly are well painted, very good page!

  7. That is a beautiful dragonfly and you have captured the vibrancy of the daffodil so well.

  8. I'm sorry I made you grumpy ha ha but you have done this so well! Your flower and dragonfly are both beautiful! Thank you for entering The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  9. I think the daffodil and dragonfly are more than ok, they are beautifully drawn and painted. Well done on winning the challenge.


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