Monday, 16 May 2016

Gift Wrapping with HEMA stickers

Once a friend said to me I needn't waste time with faffy gift wrapping for him.  Since then I have wanted to wrap every present for him extra faffily!! This year I had a friend fail and he got his present three and a half weeks late. 

I am rather fond of this gift wrapping...

It's not too faffy but it is enough to show a little thought and effort.  No bows because he is a boy (apparently this is a rule!) but a nice piece of black grosgrain over some white tissue.  Then I went to town with my HEMA stickers picking the long neon yellow one as my feature.

I don't particularly mind if he doesn't like the wrapping - it makes me happy - and he'll love what's inside as it is what he asked for!  Win win as I see it!!   
edit: he did  approve :D


  1. Brilliant idea! Simple but still different :)

  2. Hi Laura, I love it.

    Hope you've had a good start to the week. Sue


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