Saturday, 24 June 2017

Shaker Cassette Tutorial

The reaction to my shaker cassette has been amazing, thank you so much!

As promised here is a downloadable .png and a tutorial so you can make your own...

My sequins are, of course, from SpiegelMom Scraps - if you use Laura15 at checkout you'll receive a 15% discount.

In terms of the rest of the materials use the cardstock you are most comfortable with and some acetate.  For this I prefer a sheet of acetate rather than some recycled packaging for the greater strength it gives.

The tutorial section of the video starts at 1.44 - it's best to watch but I will briefly cover the steps here...

1. Cut out your pieces from coloured cardstock and acetate.  You will also need double sided foam adhesive, wet glue, tape runner and sequins.

2. Adhere the front of the cassette and the first piece of acetate with wet glue.

3. Add thin strips of double sided foam tape around the edge.  This will hold the sequins in so don't leave any gaps!

4. Use the central off cut from the cassette cut out as a stencil to adhere the cogs to the inside of the acetate and the white label to the outside of the acetate.

5. Dust with some talc to cover any extra adhesive.  Then fill with sequins and add the second sheet of acetate.

6. Adhere the back of the cassette.

7. Layer up the three base plate pieces and adhere them to the front of the cassette.

8. Add the fine details: the square letter beside the base plate; the letter to the label; the tiny screw heads to the holes.

Here is my final layout, made to accompany this layout!

And here they are together:

To slightly quirky stories from my childhood down on paper!

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