Monday, 20 November 2017

The Boys

I've recently discovered that there is a sticky film that picks up the negatives from your cutting mat holding them in their correct position until you stick them down on to your layout.  It seems I am the only one who didn't know such a thing existed!  It is great for using up bits left behind from a background.  The bits are often so pretty but way too intricate to pick up piece by piece.

That is how this layout started.  I played with my Daniel Smith watercolours for a background and picked up a section of leftovers from my cutting mat.  Using my Liquitex inks I mixed the perfect metallic rose gold (1 drop of bronze, 2 drops of copper, 3 drops of gold) to match a chocolate wrapper I had kept to use.  I'm trying to be less 'ooh, I'll keep that bcauseIll use it one day' but sometimes old habits die hard!  Still, at least I actually used this keeper quickly.

I threw in a few scraps of coloured card, some ribbon and buttons and called it done.  Now I know this film is a thing I think I will be using a lot more of this lift and stick technique!

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