Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Angel Doily

It's Christmas so we need an angel or two...  we always had one on top of our tree when we were kids and it was usually handmade.  You know the ones, toothpick in a polystyrene ball, doily body, dodgy glitter glue work and some tinsel stuck on top?  Well, this is my handmade tree topper this year aged 32 and a half!

It is made from one doily cut in a special way - pretty much along the lines of this, but I took a template from a shopbought Christmas card from 2 years ago.

I added a few bits of ribbon from Crafty Ribbons; the one woven through the doily is 3mm copper lame.  I also used some Nativity Words Ribbon to add a hanging loop.  This was an 8" doily and is too big for my little tree!

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