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Card Making | Label Love

I made a scrapbook sketch (here) a while ago that had a load of labels and banners on it.  I'd thought at the time that this concept would work quite well for a card too.  I now make card sketches too (follow here so you don't miss any!) and it was time for a bit more label love!

I had a good old rummage through my entire stamp stash pulling out any set that had something that might work.  Most of the label stamps are from Skull And Cross Buns Planner Banners set along with one freebie that came with a magazine and one larger stamp from StickerKitten's Mermazing set.

The sentiments came from various Skull and Cross Buns, StickerKitten, W+9 and Feed Your Craft stamp sets.  (Ask if you want to know where a specific stamp came from!)  For inks I went neutral on one card with various warm greys from Altenew mixed with Faded Jeans.  On the other I went Cracked Pistachio because it's my favourite!

I popped the blue banner up on foam pads for dimension and embellished both cards with sequins.

I carefully covered the main banner on the cracked pistachio card with a clear shimmer pen.  I ran the risk of reactivating the ink by adding liquid over it and ending up with a messy smear.  Just one sweep over the ink was enough to add sparkle but not to have the ink bleeding so the writing became illegible.

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