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Lollipop Box Club | Embroidery Card

 I was really drawn to the fabric in this month’s box of loveliness.  The pattern and the colours were spot on.  I decided to pull out my Mum’s old cross stitch threads and embroider on top.  Part way through I realised that this wasn’t going to make a very good blog post as I had no idea what I was doing nor any clue as to how to describe it!  I did a combination of stitches... probably some made up, probably not using very good technique and definitely not using great tension!

I remember sewing as a child both in primary school and with my Mum and Nan.  My Mum had a big Reader’s Digest book that had little diagrams of different stitches.  I used to pour over the pages.  I’ve asked her to pull the book out again so I can have a refresher...  I wonder if it will be as captivating now as it was then.


I remembered the technique for chain stitch fairly well along with running stitch and back stitch.  I always have to look up how to do french knots.  They aren’t particularly difficult; it’s just not something that sticks in my brain.  The rest was just experimenting/not an official technique!  The black crosshatching is a little sketchy but I think it is all down to tension.  Working on a floppy piece of fabric and working as close to the edge as possible (so I could get the largest possible finished piece) is not the best way to have an even thread tension.  This is why many people use an embroidery hoop – perhaps I need to invest in one!



After I had finished my sewing, I measured the fabric and drew up an aperture card in my Silhouette software.  Using a custom-made card base made sure I would lose as little of the design as possible.  I cut it on kraft card from my stash.  I will eventually send it to someone but for now it is on my magnetic wall bringing me smiles!



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