Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Zentangle-like-thing

So everybody is talking about zentangles...  What are they, I ask?!

So I googled it,
and then youtubed it
and then had a go...

I'm quite pleased. 
It's not like me really. 
You just free style it with no thinking it through and no planning beforehand. 
And there is no pencil lines before ink, no rubbing out and no going back and starting again.
And it's not meant to be perfect. 
A concept I struggle with. 

I'm sure you are not meant to analyse it when you've finished but other than seeing all the mistakes and things I'd do differently the large section at the top stands out to me. 
I think it looks like bugs or insects! 
Not at all what I expected when I started out.

Probably something I will have a go at again. 
Next time I'd love to throw some colour in too... 
but then it wouldn't be a zentangle...
would it?


  1. A fab card & great zentangling. lol. It's very eyecatching.
    Sally x

  2. Well done you! Your first attempt? It's brilliant you're obviously a natural LOL Gay xx

  3. Hahahaha ... I LOVE that you have doodled bugs on your card! How cool and unexpected! Isn't that the great thing about challenges, something you totally would not have done on your own? Love it!


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