Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Alpha Challenge - H for Hare

Every other Sunday I eagerly await what the next letter will be...  Of course I'm talking about The Craft Barn's fab Alpha Challenge.  It's H this fortnight...

and H is for Hare.

And this time I used gesso instead of acrylic paint.  Can anyone tell me what the difference is?  So far the only thing I can see is my acrylic paint is much thicker than the gesso.  Also this is my first play with some stencils. 


I'm quite chuffed with this sketch.  I got a bit stuck at the bottom with his feet so I just put in some grass to cover them up.  Cheating?  Most definitely!!  :)

And then there is this cheeky chappy peeping out at the bottom of the page.  I used a posca paint pen to add in the white whiskers which really adds to the sketch.  I think I have found a new favourite with this white pen...
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  1. What a fab project Laura. What a beautiful sketch too.
    Dawn xx

  2. Now I really like your Hare. You've made him come to life on the paper.

  3. Really like it he,s so cute and lifelike, like he cheat will remember that one Sioux P

  4. Visiting from the Alpha Chaellenge - Your Hare is just 'hair-raisingly' wonderful I think! Hehe
    I love the effects of just using gesso/white acrylic and the hare's face is super cute :0) Mo

  5. Another amazing sketch Laura, brilliant job my lovely. Lol, I know what you mean about the gesso thing, I'm still trying to work out whats different too!!
    Hugs x

  6. Your sketch is beautiful and I love the texture on your page!

  7. Love your journal page - the hare is wonderful!

  8. Two really good hare sketches, they are so cute you can almost see those noses twitching.

  9. Wow, these are wonderful pages, your rabbit is breathtaking.
    Thanks for visisting my blog and leaving the nice comment. The leaves are colored with NeoColor II.

    1. I thought they might have been NeoColors - I think I will have to add them to my list!! :)
      Thanks for letting me know

  10. What a beautiful hare, love your drawing

  11. I think your hare looks fabulous, much better than anything I could do (but that's why I'm a rubber stamper, cos I can't draw!) What a lovely page.

  12. Your drawing is amazing - they definitely look Hares!!

  13. Fantastic sketching and page !!
    Gesso is not as thick and is less opaque, and from an artist point of view is less expensive, hence why it is used as a primer, not as a "paint". But in this case, it works beautifully.
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

  14. Your hare is fabulous and good thinking with the grass when you struggled with his feet. Your pages are so well designed and I really like the low key color and high impact that results.

  15. Fabulous page... great sketing!
    Suzi B x

  16. I'd be chuffed with those sketches too, they are brilliant. Super word too, my maiden name was "Hares" so great to see the word chosen. BJ

  17. That is a fabulous sketch (I am so envious!). Cheating? Not at all you're thinking creatively. I've found acrylic paint gives a slightly shinier finish while gesso is more matt. I've been using acrylic for my pages because my gesso is a very cheap watery one.

  18. Great pages. Didn't spot the cheeky chappie at first but he looks great peeking out.

  19. A wonderful drawing of a Hare great pages!


  20. Super I love your drawing, wish I could, gesso I think has more chalky content and as well as providing a good coverage it provides a grip for the medium your using over it. As its thicker and holds its shape you can as you've done use through stencils, try laying it on thick with a palette knife stamp into it, or scrape shapes in it, press another piece of card over top pull apart, great texture. Use with table salt, it has lots of uses for texture in different ways, hence I buy litre tubs of it. Hope that helps x

  21. Great drawing of the hares they look very life like, love the textures you added.

    Sylv xx


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