Monday, 13 May 2013

Pink and Green

So I'm still trying to catch up from my health dip...  I never got around to writing a post about this canvas I made for Crafty Ribbons challenge (although you may have seen it on the Inspirations site)

I had a miss hap with some black oil paint - long story short it didn't dry - and rather than discard the whole thing I cut the canvas from the wooden frame.  I sanded the frame and gave it a couple of coats of gesso.


Then I got all the pinks and greens from my ribbon collection and started lining them up to find the right widths and patterns.

When I had the order pretty much set in my head I started cutting lengths and stapling them to the frame at the top, stretching them around taught and stapling them at the bottom.


I then wove the horizontal ribbons (I'm sure the ribbons running one way are the weft and the ones running the other are the warp... just not sure which is which!!) in.  I only started stapling them when I had them all in place.  This just left a little more leeway.

Here are some of the ribbons I used:
wide green stripe
sheer dots
saddle stitch
lime fibre
cerise fibre
green grosgrain
pink satin
pink grosgrain (I used the reverse side)
and more!!

And here it is sitting on my shelf...

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