Wednesday, 1 January 2014


It’s the first day of 2014.  Everyone is filling blog posts and statuses with reviews of last year and hopes and dreams and resolutions for this New Year…  I’m not going with that.  I’ve not decided how to approach the New Year yet.  I’m just going to try and get back in to the swing of blogging and creating and commenting on friends blogs.  And it just so happens to be Wednesday so I’ll start the year off with a WOYWW.

Oh boy!  It’s messy! (Nothing has changed there then!!)  Today’s task is to write my thank you notes for Christmas presents I received.  It was also yesterday’s task but it didn’t happen – the M.E. appears to have stolen all of my focus at the moment.  (Then, maybe, a little tidy up?!)

If I can harness some thinking power I will blog about my Secret Santa tomorrow :)


  1. Happy New Year Laura! What a fabulously colourful desk! I've not gone down the resolution route either- I can't break them then, lol.Have a great Wednesday, Hugs, Shaz #32 xx

  2. Happy New Year to you! I haven't made any NYR either. A friend gave me some little tags to write about things that make me happy and things that I am grateful for, so I'm going to start with those. It seems a goos place to start.
    have a happy week
    Lynda Beazley 27

  3. Happy New Year I don't think your desk is very messy :-) Anne x #36

  4. Yikes, thank you notes. Adding to my list now. Thanks for the visit and happy New Year! Rushing off to make a new list now...

  5. What great light coming into your desk. Great plan to focus on looking ahead and not back. :-) Happy New Year
    April #60

  6. Your desk looks very tidy to me!
    Happy New Year
    Karin #29

  7. Looks like I have more work to do. Thanks for the visit. Peg R #25

  8. Happy New Year and a happy WOYWW to you!
    I have made no firm NYR except to try to slow down and do some more crafting. Lets hope that actually happens.
    Tertia #21

  9. Happy New Year. I wish for you relief from your ME.

  10. A very happy new year to you, Laura, and don't worry about focus - just "be" and enjoy what you can do at any one moment - "God knows best" lol!! Sometimes we just need to go with our own flow and not worry about what others may be doing (new year resolutions etc.). I think your desk looks busy and industrious, not messy! Mine is messy at the moment, but I haven't managed to get a WOYWW post done, having just managed to do my yearly round-up post!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, Although last year was a real roller-coaster, it had its sublimely happy and exciting moments which I would not have missed for anything, even if they were counter-balanced by the stressful and difficult ones. It's all part of the fabric of life! However, this coming year, I am looking forward to some real "Shoshi" time, getting back into some sort of routine and actually spending time in my beautiful new ARTHaven and being creative.

    Wishing you a creative, focused and happy year ahead, Laura. God bless you.
    Shoshi x

  11. It's never tidy when I craft! Happy New Year sweetie xx

  12. Happy New Year
    Thanks for your visit earlier
    Your desk looks good, plenty of room.
    Looking forward to the new year of crafting with the WOYWWs
    Bishopsmate #44

  13. Laura, Thanks for putting a comment on my first WOYWW post. You had put your number as 41, but you are 40 on the list. Sue 63

  14. Happy New Year - I don't make resolutions either, they're too easily broken! Have a good week. Helen 16

  15. No resolutions for me either..... although I promised myself I would be better about blogging in 2014. The Christmas swap looked like it was fun. You received (and gave) some great things! How fun.


  16. Happy New Year, Laura. Your desk doesn't look so bad to me. Like you, I haven't posted a retrospective for last year or resolutions for this year yet. Perhaps we just need to get our breath back after the holidays before we can think about that. I'm sure you will get those Thank Yous done all in good time :) Have a great week and a wonderful 2014. Hugs, Elizabeth x #79


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