Friday, 17 October 2014

White Pond Mini Album

*warning - post loaded with scrummy photos!*

To say I have been slow this month would be totally fair.  Here is only my second project made with my counterfeit kit for October...

I'd like to think it was worth the wait though...

It is a mini album about the farm we holiday on.

It's packed with the yummy colours from the kit, plenty of ribbon and lace...

and a sprinkling of washi and buttons.

I used my sewing machine quite a lot.

And eeked out my alphas to say exactly what I wanted to say.  (Thank goodness for zeros!)

These alphas are not very sticky so sewing through them is kind of necessary!

Flower buttons from my pink button box - I'd forgotten I had these mixed in with all the other pale pink buttons.

I love adding little extra 'pages' of different sizes.

Trying really hard to use up all of the stickers I added to my kit this month...

I reinforced the holes for the binding rings with bits of washi.  It's not necessary on all of them but I liked it!


I love the cow paper!

And another mini page - this time a tag with stickers

Close up of cow paper!!  Seriously one of my all time favourite papers!

This time the extra page is vellum...

The chickens find the oddest places to make themselves comfortable!

Are these tags too tiny to be classed as an extra page?!

I love the little hit of gold.

The puppy I love the most!

and lace!  I love that too!  :)

Tags and receipts from holiday shopping...

 And a paper bag from my favourite patisserie!

 A clear wallet covered in metallic leaf.

Holding a cool beer bottle lid and some rusted metal found in the farm yard.

Some more flower buttons.

Denim paper from the 1990's!

The back cover

A side shot with all the lace and ribbon...

and finally a shot showing how chunky the album is.

I had so much fun making this album.  Even though I was really poorly and it took me ages there is still something really satisfying in making a mini album from scratch.


  1. What a fabby album.

    Hope you've had a good day and are looking forward to the weekend. Sue

  2. I adore this! What a fab place to get away to - simple pleasures!
    You are quite inspiring in your perseverance to create beauty in spite of difficult days :-)
    Loved the little hits of washi, esp as reinforcements! Clever
    Your photos are incredible as well. WELL DONE!

  3. Seriously great mini!! Love the washi-enforced holes... your stitching details.. the cute buttons... the little tags tucked in. Awesome stuff!

  4. Your mini is absolutley fabulous!!! I love all the little touches like the sewing around the pattern paper!

  5. This is really great. Love all that stitching.

  6. You had me with the sewn on Thickers! What a wonderful mini...that I'm sure was a BIG project.

  7. Wow! That is some album :) Love it ! All the lace, ribbon and stitching looks great

  8. Love your mini, and I know it is even better in person, with all of the lovely textures you added!

  9. I don't do minis enough and this is a great one! I adore the colours you used and all that stitching really adds something special. The cow paper is amazing!


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