Wednesday, 10 December 2014


As I lay in bed last night I started writing my WOYWW post in head.  When I got up this morning and read Julia's post it was pretty much the same!  It must get worse before it gets better, disorganisation and slight panic...  I've given up on the elusive tidy and will settle for tidier now.

Yesterday my carer helped to sort out some of my storage cupboard.  Hopefully today I'll manage to put away the mountain of desk detritus in to said cupboard.  Really I should be thankful that I have plenty and do not need anything, instead I whinge because I have no place to keep things and am genetically unable to be tidy.

Sigh, there is more on the floor too.

On a brighter note we've launched the promo for our 12 Days of Christmas event...

and I only have a little more to do on that front. 

Happy Deskday!

p.s. Postie has just delivered but I guess as I told you all I was going to tidy I have to.  I'd much rather play with my post!!  :)


  1. Hi Laura. I'm a great believer in life should be full of fun activities so leave the tidying up for another day 😃
    Annie x #19

  2. I really should be worrying and freaking out that I haven't accomplished what I needed to by now for the holidays--I've still a gingerbread house to bake too!--but I see everyone doing that, even our dear Julia so I'm just going to let it go! And I don't think your desk looks bad at all. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #56

  3. Lovely to get the room sorted, and even better to have someone to help and encourage with it!! Enjoy getting back into your crafting. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 13

  4. Hi Laura, I cannot work when my desk is untidy. I even tidy up each day even if I will be using the same things the next day. I know I am a neat freak:) LOL

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #38

  5. Never mind. I cannot be creative and tidy also. And I agree with you, there must be this genetic thing too. Some people love to be tidy others just can´t.
    Gabriele 23

  6. I'd quite to come and have a riffle through your've got some lovely things! The ribbon stash at the back caught my eye :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  7. While LLJ is having a riffle thru the ribbons I'll be riffling thru the buttons. Wouldn't that be nice you'll have company x 2. Put the kettle on. ;) I hope the postie delivery is something crafty go play. Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

  8. I haven't linked to WOYWW lately because my desk has been the same tidy I shared whenever I joined last (boring I know) but this week it is a disaster! And then I forgot all about WOYWW. We'll see what next week brings but the cats are starting to knock it all to the floor so it might be clean again. It is definitely difficult to be clean and creative. It doesn't really mix. The key is to be creative sometimes and clean the other. You have lots of fun things to play with! Look at that washi tape!!!

  9. I hope your postie brought you good news... or even some new stash! Then at some point you'll have to make room!
    Thanks for stopping by at my page.
    Have a lovely week (although it's no longer Wednesday...)

  10. I totally agree that two weeks before Christmas it's much more sane to shoot for tidier, rather than tidy. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Re: your comment about having trouble with fingerprints in Fimo polymer clay. Fimo and Sculpey III are the two softest clays, and you WILL have trouble with fingerprints. If you care to try again, pick up some Premo, it's a much firmer clay.

    Happy woyww and happy creating!

    Sandy #31

  11. Bah, being tidy is over rated, go play with your post, the mess isn't going anywhere :) You've got some great stuff there. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Von #28

  12. hi laura.... i think there mustbe a special crafting gene...... one that enables us to get stuff out to play with .... but not put it away again.... grin
    janet #15


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