Monday, 9 February 2015

CK Kit

It's the 9th and I still haven't blogged my Counterfeit Kit for February!  I've taken a slightly different take on this kit... and it bares very little resemblance to the original... Kit Club - Across The Miles

well, let me take you through it... you will see what I mean.

I start as always with the kit condensed in to a list.  I dismissed the travel theme and the small flowers.

The alphas in the inspiration kit were square - I picked out all the tile-like letters in my stash.

These are the only 12x12 sheets in my kit.  A different twist - I told you!

Everything else is a scrap or a 6x6 that has been detached from it's pad/collection for a previous project and then been abandoned!

Here are my little embellishments - quite a random mix but I'm not going for twelve layouts that match.  I'll get twelve layouts that will look great individually.

Some flair - I must use these this month.  I have too many flair and still want to buy more.  This can only be done if I use what I have first!

Then there is a large collection of offcuts, cut outs, ephemera and 'assorted stuff.'

Here it is all together!  It looks huge now.  I had planned to use as much of everything as possible and hopefully have nothing (or very little) to put away at the end of the month.

I've also given myself unlimited use of my white scrap folder.  I sorted all my scraps in to colour folders in an attempt to use more of them.  To be honest it only worked for a couple of months, and now I rarely pull out the folders.  I must try and get back in to the swing of using these regularly!

I know I don't put much information about what comes from where, but you know you can always ask, right?

Thanks for stopping by and stand by for layouts!!


  1. Oh you are being brave only have a limited number of 12 x 12 - love what you've done - I love also that you dismissed the travel theme, in hindsight think I should have done that as few layouts relate to travelling!

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with all that lovely stash.

    Hope you've had a good start to the week. Sue

  3. That is a wonderfully large and diverse kits. Good luck using it all up - I know how gratifying it is to use up "assorted stuff".

  4. great kit! I love the little dish that your embellishments are in.

  5. FANTASTIC!!! I love your approach, it appeals to my recycling sensibility. Looking forward to your layouts etc now.

  6. I was thinking exactly what Julene said as I was scrolling down your writing of your approach. I love it. It gives so much freedom to the direction of your kit. I, also, love your little embellishment dish and how you dismissed the travel theme. Those sentiments have also already been stated. :) So, I guess I have nothing original to say, its all been said :) Great kit! Looking forward to all your creations!

  7. Lovely kit! I like the way you started that is what I do too :) Your list is way different than mine :) Yep I'm going with getting rid of scraps too by bring in the scraps from the past kit into the new kit to use those up! But I like your idea and might have to try that in March or April of just a few sheets and then all of those scraps thanks for that inspiration :)

  8. I love the idea of using up scraps! Great kit!


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