Thursday, 12 March 2015


Here is my first layout using On The Cutting Mat - my counterfeit kit for March.  Today I am scrapping the everyday little things...

I've splashed the washi and rub ons around.  No fear!  I still don't know if I actually like rub ons - they never go on perfectly - and these seemed a little wrinkly.

I also busted out my pan pastel.  I realised I have no idea what to do with them so I just ran some along the torn edge of my paper and pushed some in to the lace.  I hoped it would leave a lace pattern - it didn't.  But it did colour my white lace nicely, so I'm happy with that.  It is much softer than a regular chalk.  I'm going to watch a few youtube videos to see what it can do...

So, the layout is about a pod cast I listen to, The Paperclipping Round Table.  This one particular episode was striking things in me and I started to make notes.  I washi taped the notes to the back of my layout so I can remember the wisdomousness of the day.  (That should be a word!!)

If you've not heard of The Paperclipping Round Table stick on next time you are creating and see what you think.  Sometimes it is just like waffling along with your mates, sometimes it is like being at a stand up show, sometimes it makes me cry!  Always, it is about craft in one way or another and, I think, worth a listen.

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  1. Fab. Pearls of wisdom.

    Hope you have a nice evening. sue

  2. I'm always thinking words need to be proper words with more prefixes and suffixes that properly express a sentiment -- wisdomousness should be a word. :)

    Love how your documenting everyday life stories on traditional pages! Great page!

  3. Gorgeous page - I'm with you on rub-ons - some of them age and won't stick completely :-( ... it's the completely bit that's annoying!

  4. great way to add your journaling, and I love that you are scrapping the little everyday things. Fantastic layout.


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